Ten.Three Hundred & Thirty-Nine

1. Just a little bit of mist rising up above the water in the wetlands. 

2. This high lunge makes me want to quit but I keep stretching anyway. I really gotta find that yoga mat.

3. Coffee. Banana. More water. Bagels and fruit for them.  

4. I play him one-on-one in soccer. We are almost the same height and wear almost the same size shoes. There aren’t many of these kinds of days left. 

5. I sit and watch the empty blue sky while they climb. 

6. I am startled by a loud fluttering and look up to see the sweetest little hummingbird in front of my face. Good medicine indeed. 

7. Chamomile and conversation with her to talk about the things. I have a long list of ideas and confessions I wish to tell her but I’ll save them for later. 

8. I think back to this morning’s realization that this feeling of bigness might just be ovulation. That explains the dreams. 

9. The way the sky is melting into blues and yellows and oranges. 

10. How am I making meaning?