Ten.Three Hundred & Thirty-Eight

1. There’s already so much light for this early in the morning. 

2. Bright bits of moon.  

3. The boat house with its pagoda-style roof and warped, cloudy glass windows.  

4. The red-winged blackbird loops around my head and lands in front of me.

5. Rusty iron gates and trellises and peonies in bloom.  

6. I’m out of practice and can feel it in my hands and quietness. I need to do more of this.

7. The sun on skin. I remember why summer is so good.

8. Watching him hit the ball and I think about all the parents that think their kid will be some kind of star and how it’s just natural to see the potential in your children. But I did call it, back at the house on Needham, when he was 4 years old and I watched him pitch the ball to himself and knock it across the yard.

9. In the shower I think of old poems and old stories that maybe, now, with a fresh heart and fresh eyes might make more sense.  

10. Soon.