Ten.Three Hundred & Sixty-Three

1. How is he up before me. Oh. He's late getting up for his flight. 

2. A melty ultraviolet sun means a hot day is coming.

3. I did buy cereal yesterday so maybe this morning I can actually relax just a little bit. Just a little bit. 

4. The meal plan comes slowly but there have been two requests, one for beef stroganoff and another for butternut squash and bacon pasta, so that makes it just a little easier. 

5. I eat my lunch and read in the shade but at these temperatures, it's just so draining that I immediately feel as though I need a nap. But before we go in we check the garden. I pull three very large but very green heirlooms off the vine and hope that they'll ripen in the windowsill. 

6. Just as I'm about to close my eyes I feel my phone vibrate. I read the text but now I can't sleep. 

7. The hours until he comes home suddenly feel like too much. Since I can't rest I journal and then surf Pinterest and then go back outside to read again before the heat overwhelms me and I come back inside. 

8. The littlest one wants to make cookies from the cookbook he got at the library. We make the dough and then I help him roll it out. Now everyone wants to be a chef. I'll take it as a compliment. I think of how lucky their future friends and partners will be to know them. 

9. I tell him that I had a dream that it would happen. That it would happen on the Friday after my birthday. And that I shouldn't be surprised because there was a book that arrived for me today at the library too. That should have been a sign. 

10. But change can be scary. The only constant thing in life is change. "God is Change." —Parable of the Sowers