Ten.Three Hundred & Forty-Three

1. Twinkle lights on and a bit of a chill in the air. 

2. I’m moving slowly. The rain is coming. I can see it in the clouds.  

3. No, I will continue to follow my gut.

4. I am trying to see it all from his point of view. I hear him. I understand him. But I can tell that it’s not landing in me how he wants it too. 

5. Grocery shopping with three children. What I thought would be torturous turned into a moment of awareness for them and gratitude for the food they eat. I hadn’t thought about how, out of convenience, I’d been shielding them from a life lesson.  

6. I have them help me unload the car and put the groceries away. Yesterday I was yelling but today I feel empowered.  

7. Two Oreos. 

8. I could quit it all but then what would I do? 

9. Flank steak and potatoes and asparagus and mushrooms and blue cheese sauce eaten quickly before drinks with friends.  

10. Community.