Ten.Three Hundred & Forty-One

1. The color of the sunlight this morning: pale honey dripping from the sky. 

2. It actually might be too cold for the pool. Maybe a park today instead. I have no desire to shiver. But the kids really don't care do they? But who wants to wear pants to the pool?

3. I decided to keep this one thing for me.

4. I make a list of 5 things I want to get done today. This feels like not enough and yet too much. 

5. First thunder and then the rain. I'm grateful for a slow day inside. 

6. The rosebud garland is blowing in the wind. That gentle rustling plus the sound of the rain plus the bird song takes me back to the ranch.

7. I don't realize how thirsty I am until I begin to drink. 

8. There are other asks that I am supposed to make that I haven't made yet and I know that this is fear of rejection. I think of how my husband is always telling me that I don't talk about myself enough. That I share my thoughts but I don't talk about my business enough and this is why growth has been slow. That I can't be afraid to ask for the things that I want. 

9. I overcooked the salmon and forgot the wine in the beurre rouge. At least I got the risotto and the squash right. 

10. Sleep isn't coming so easily this week.

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