Ten.Three Hundred & Forty

1. All clouds and bird song.

2. Someone's been eating the spinach. This weekend we must put up the chicken wire and protect what's left. I inspect it every morning and all the green still astonishes me. 

3. Body aches. I can feel soreness in every movement. 

4. It's funny how often I forget to breathe.

5. What happens when women are given permission to market their work? I know there are some still hesitating to write their name and their offering. I can tell by the way the sentences are crafted who is pushing an edge and responding to the call. I love it though. I love that there are so many of us doing our work.

6. The littlest one doesn't really ever stop talking. He has an inquisitive mind and I have very few of the answers he's looking for. 

7. I'm inviting people into my home for a poetry and wine tasting. I am not the one doing the reading or performing the tasting. I am just making the space for it to happen. I tell her that I'm trying to create what I need.

8. Her house feels like a home.

9. I'm thinking of his assertion that the natural world actually has no need for humans. That if we were all to be gone, or had never existed, nature would continue to move at its own pace. The earth may not need us, but since we're here, how are we going to live on it? The earth may not need us but we need us—whole versions of us. 

10. I agree with Mike Wilbon. I'm not interested in visiting the White House right now either.