Ten.Three Hundred & Fifty-Three

1. I can tell by the opaqueness of the sky that it will be another hot day. This is one morning where I won't be too cold for yoga in the basement. 

2. A big black bird descends into the window well to eat a slug. It leaps up and out to go do whatever it does with a slug. 

3. Mapping.

4. I write about the things I do instead of writing and decide that for the next 45 minutes I’m going to just write whatever comes up.  

5. I write a page of questions to ask her; five haiku, a few pages about trusting myself. 

6. We catch up on life and on Fever Dreams and on other projects. I tell her that the book did indeed change my life.  

7. We head to the library. I find another herb book and pick up The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. 

8. More dates added.  

9. Old John Mayer and a painfully late dinner. 

10. Breathing.