Ten.Three Hundred & Fifty-Six

1. Raindrops on windows. 

2. We are supposed to meet with friends today but it feels like a good day for cleaning and drinking tea and reading books. 

3. I hear footsteps while I try to finish up yoga. I know who it is. I told her not to come down until 7. But she just really wants to make scones. 

4. Something in the dough is not quite right. This is the one things about letting go: choosing to be open to an unfamiliar experience. 

5. It's kind of unreal to see my images on a major local publication. I'm honored and proud and it only makes my mind race.

6. Our plans did change and so I spend the morning cleaning. We empty out her dresser drawers which become receptacles for craft trash and I wonder what we'll do about her as she gets older. She is just a messy kid. I know that's part of her creative spirit but we need to introduce some order. 

7. Still raining. 

8. No tea and no books. I turn on Twilight Zone instead and he comes in to curl up with me as we watch one of our favorite episodes, The Odyssey of Flight 33. 

9. I think we'll take a break from tacos for a while. 

10. He still thinks I've told someone.