Ten.Three Hundred & Fifty-Nine

1. The way the windows are wet with humidity. How tiny beads of water trickle down the glass so slowly. It looks like it will be a hot day. 

2. I take the bread out to let it come to room temperature before baking. I think of the way the dough felt in my hands yesterday evening before I rolled it flat. So light and elastic.

3. Today's practice feels hard. I let myself let it be hard and remember that it's just hard today. 

4. Today I actually sit down and draw out the maps. I tell him it's hippie moon-centered goal-setting. 

5. We snuggle up to watch more Twilight Zone. This is the only way I can take a nap these days. 

6. It's a perfect kind of day for the pool: just hot enough in the sun to feel the burn but to not sweat; just enough people to make it feel lively but not overwhelming. The middle one is closer to being able to swim. At least the little one is letting go of the ledge today. 

7. The smell of tea tree oil. 

8. The tomatoes are overtaking everything. I push away limbs to uncover the rosemary and the thyme. I am a little overwhelmed by the abundance. But I am receiving it. 

9. Chianti Classico with Chicken Parmesan. 

10. The only thing about a pool day is that it wipes you out.