Ten.Three Hundred & Fifty-Four

1. More spiders in webs. A moth too. 

2. Feeling parts of the body that haven't been felt in such a long time. I've missed this level of awareness. 

3. We talk about the writing life and social media and whether or not any of this is good for us. And also, we must be crazy to want to be writers and submit ourselves to this kind of torture.

4. Back to wine studies. I must plan as if I will take it again at the end of October. Why did I throw away all of those note cards?

5. I lay down for a few minutes and close my eyes and just breathe. 

6. I grab "The Fire Next Time" by James Baldwin and tuck myself into the corner of the alcove, feet propped up against the cool stone, a small bowl of almonds placed precariously on my belly. 

7. There is a lot of sage that needs to be harvested, And thyme and oregano and basil and cilantro too. I didn't prepare myself for what to do when everything is so abundant. I don't have enough baskets for collecting or hooks for drying. Why hadn't I set myself up to handle success?

8. Rigatoni with a pork ragu, rosemary focaccia and salad greens from the garden. 

9. We sit outside while the rain falls. It is still humid but the temperature has dropped and there's a cool breeze that snakes its way into the corners. The sky is grayed over and everything is quiet. I just watch the birds and the leaves and listen. 

10. It was worth the price.