Ten.Three Hundred & Fifty-Five

1. No yoga today.

2. Bacon and eggs and hash browns for breakfast. I don't want coffee but I do. I'll make some coffee too. 

3. How is it almost the end of June already? 

4. She calls me up to tell me that there is a deer in the backyard. It looks like the same doe from last summer but alone. Her coat is deeper and a little thicker but the limp is still there. I can't believe she's alive.

5. I play the songs from the Fever Dreams playlist over and over again. Next October seems so far away but it really isn't.

6. The wildflowers and grasses are almost as tall as me. I had forgotten how beautiful this park is. Red-winged blackbirds everywhere.

7. He tells me something he's not supposed to tell me and now I can' think of anything else. 

8. How many feelings can you feel all at once?

9. Sparkling Malbec on the wicker loveseat out back. Gravel between my toes. A cool breeze that turns over the leaves but won't keep away the gnats. 

10. The last bit of Talenti from the jar.