Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty-Three

1. The golf course is masked by a thin layer of fog and I hear the honking of geese. Lately I see them flying in pairs and not in large flocks.

2. Coffee. They toast mini-bagels for their breakfast. 

3. I check the garden to see if anything has stopped by to nibble yet. I know that I need to get some chicken wire up soon before everything becomes too tempting. I spot two teeny tomatoes and each of the bell peppers are preparing to flower. The peas are nice and tall too. 

4. Carnitas already in the crock pot for today's dinner. The bed is made. Bills are paid. The garden is watered. I feel quite accomplished at 8 am. 

5. I grab an orchid out of the windowsill to take to her. We're meeting at the arboretum for a belated Mother's Day lunch. She's on time. We eat and make small talk. A finch perched on the bush. 

6. Troll hunt. 

7. I spot the grasses that I want to plant in our own yard when it comes time to do more landscaping. 

8. But I can make this space work. I shouldn't take it for granted. I find the small speakers and put the Fever Dreams playlist on blast and dance my way through boxes. I drag over the shelf from the other side of the basement and fill it with books, cameras, a leftover cigar box, my old Remington typewriter, my wine books, the doula information packet. On the floor beside it tucked into a basket are the past year's journals in case I need to reference old ideas. On the desk are a variety of gifts from Jennette, my turquoise Underwood typewriter, a basket for pens and a stapler, checks from past freelance gigs as a reminder that I can and do earn money from my art. And there are twinkle lights. Of course. 

9. The boys are late for dinner. They say they lost track of time because of a Nerf war.

10. The episode where Jim tells Pam that he's in love with her.