Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty-Six

1. A thick blanket of fog over everything. 

2. Her watch keeps beeping and no one knows how to stop it. 

3. The last Tuesday of the school year. The last Tuesday that we'll gather until Fall. I am scared about that.

4. We gather around the table to eat and talk and just muse on life. They each go around and say something so kind and so sweet to me. I am so grateful for the ways in which this group has held and continues to hold so much for me. 

5. But now I have work to do on my own home turf. And I don't want to do it. But I need to.

6. And I'm doing this all for what?

7. Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. No one seems to be upset that they aren't having real beef. Well, except for the husband. 

8. I tell him that he should make a list of things he wants and is looking for. To jot down questions and ideas. To make connections.

9. Something has been snacking on the spinach. This means tomorrow requires a trip to the hardware store for wire fencing and posts. But everything else looks so vibrant and tall and I am excited. 

10. I think back to the way it felt to climb all those stairs in the morning with my backpack on and a cup of coffee in my hand, fresh air deep in my lungs, surrounded by birdsong and frog song and insect song. That feeling is what all of this for.