Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty-Seven

1. Sunlight on dewy grass is one of my favorite things. 

2. I can't believe that there are 326 of these things that I've written. 

3. Robins sitting atop the soccer goal, singing songs. Heads moving back and forth and back and forth. 

4. We grab chicken wire and posts to keep out whatever is eating the spinach. 

5. I make myself chamomile and bring all of my notes back down to the basement, my workspace. My. Space. I read over the notes she's sent me from our call and feel the resistance choking me. The resistance is just fear. 

6. We talk for two hours and I have pages and pages full of notes and ideas and lists of things that need to be done and all of these things are things that I'm excited about. And all of this feels so good on a Wednesday morning in the cold basement. 

7. There are these two birds that keep flying in front of my face and singing some kind of song. They are small birds with shiny blue-black backs and thin long beaks and why have I not yet gotten a bird book? The inability to name things bothers me.

8. Once you know a name of something...once you can call something what it is, there is no way to not love it. 

9. Even these jeans are still a little too tight. This will be a summer for dresses. 

10. Sparkling wine on the front alcove, the sounds of lawnmowers and the laughter of children and the hum of car engines.