Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty-One

1. Finally a morning to myself. Bright early light.

2. I remembered to put on the mugwort but forgot to set the intention to remember my dreams. I fell asleep reading about plants. Kind of ironic.

3. They come down one by one, sleepy-eyed and quiet. 

4. Coffee and words. Her words. My eyes keep getting misty. And on the surface it doesn't seem like she's saying anything that profound and yet I'm moved. 

5. I skip the baseboards today. 

6. Leftover chicken noodle soup for lunch and lots of water. I walk back to the wicker loveseat in the garden. I should harvest some spinach soon. This feels like a secret and sacred place. 

7. But yes, it is true that I can do what I want. (But this sounds like I'm trying to convince myself.)

8. I kind of just want to write and write whatever I want and let that be my life. Because this is the art I like to make.

9. But why are all those boys sitting in my garden?

10. "Risk is the core cost of human connection." - The Art of Asking