Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty-Nine

1. The way the sun peeks around the corner of the neighbor’s house. 

2. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. I’m out of coffee and settle for a cappuccino instead.  

3. I’m scared someone will want to check my backpack and discover the candy and water bottles we’re taking in to see the movie.  

4. Rebellion.  

5. One thing I do like about the newer Star Wars movies is how diverse the casts are. There is a kaleidoscope of species who are for and against one another. There are women who lead.  

6. It feels hot in a way that nots a fun kind of heat.  

7. Details back and forth over voice memo.  

8. i found god in myself and i loved her / i loved her fiercely - “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf

9. In the shower I feel gratitude in my body and it feels like a gentle current of electricity. I am thinking of next year’s retreat, I am thinking of this short piece I’m writing for Lucia about Zinfandel vines and my own wilding. I am thinking about how I’m going to solve my dining room chair problem so I can have her come read poetry in my home. In the soapscum I write “I love my life” as both an acknowledgement and an affirmation. 

10. I can’t keep my eyes open.