Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty-Five

1. The rain is beating hard and this gives me some pleasure. I love the slowness that rides in on a rainy day. 

2. I'll need to send her to school with an umbrella. 

3. Both of my calls for today need to be rescheduled and this feels expansive. More room to breathe. I'll fill it with books and writing. 

4. The rain. A few flashes of lightning. They've all made their lunches and are upstairs doing whatever it is they like to do this hour before school. I settle into the corner of couch and put in my headphones to watch my friend's short film. 

5. I'd love to do this: travel across the country with a group of my closest creative friends and throw workshops and talk about life and art and how everything is always changing. 

6. It makes me teary. 

7. Pear and caramelized onion. A so-so rosé. Coffee and an apple crostata.

8. Oh yes, but I still haven't made the container yet so that I can receive. 

9. I guess I don't really need to cover my head. And this is part of the journey. The not-hiding.

10. Fog.