Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty-Eight

1. All that sun already. It really will be 90 degrees today.  

2. I suggest that she wears a dress or shorts but she insists on jeans.  

3. I’ll be brave enough to ask. I’m resisting the urge to delete these words. But I know that they are necessary.  

4. I don’t want anyone to take offense. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. I’m just trying to put the ask in context. I want to go deeper here.

5. I start the podcast she mentioned yesterday. Some of this I already know. A lot of it is a good reminder that I can make different choices.  

6. It’s really the perfect kind of day for lunch on a terrace with sun and Sancerre and good food. I’m mostly full on fellowship.  

7. I am grateful for the extension of support and the introductions and the encouragement.  

8. Chicken on the grill in the summer heat.  

9. The headache won’t go away. But I do think it’s time to cut back on the coffee again.  

10. We decide that those are indeed Jupiter and Venus. And we marvel at the moon, so white and bright, making its way toward fullness.