Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty

1. He's already down here making his lunch. It's 5:42 in the morning.

2. I forgot the mugwort on the bottom of my feet but that didn't stop me from a long night of lucid dreaming. I was back at Wake Forest again trying to sort out an issue. So much about power and rage and voice.

3. Granola made with coconut oil, eaten with coconut yogurt. Just one cup of coffee. All the light. 

4. I find the glider in front of the coffee shop and sit in the sun while I wait. Close my eyes and rock back and forth. The lady at the table is talking about her daughter's kidney stones. 

5. "Go Do Good." I think about the kind of man who would get this tattooed on the backs of his calves. It's the same kind of man that drives a Volvo station wagon and listens to chill electronica.

6. As soon as I step inside the visitor's center I know I'm going to enjoy this. 

7. The trees. Everything is so green. And then as you come over the bridge and come around the bend and see it in person. It's hard to put into words but it takes my breath away. 

8. The texture of the travertine. The coolness of the steel. I could live in a glass box like this—if I lived alone. 

9. Strawberry-rhubarb popsicle on the porch before I get the kids from school. 

10. "Asking is an act of intimacy and trust." - The Art of Asking