Ten.Three Hundred & Thirty-Three

1. A haloed moon. 

2. I sub in cake flour for the muffins and the batter looks even lighter than usual.  

3. Still alone here in the kitchen. I can’t stop looking at the peonies. I’ll  keep up the 9pm bed time if it means I get to do all of this so quietly, alone.

4. Coffee and pages in the alcove. 

5. I think of the way the house sends at the top of the cup-de-sac and how the long stretch of street in front of it reaches out to the farmer on the other side of the road. I often fantasize about taking self-portraits under the big tree by his pond. 

6. I sometimes get this nervous energy and I talk really fast and fumble over my words. It’s like the opposite of what happens when I do a podcast.  

7. Thirty-three days until 33. On the 333rd post  

8. I don’t know what to do with this hair yet. 

9. I know that I need to make risotto and so I start soon enough to give myself plenty of time to stir slowly.  

10. Rethinking family culture.