Ten.Three Hundred & Thirty

1. I start the potatoes. I am dressed in clothes that feel uncomfortable but we're supposed to do some things in the garden this morning and these clothes are what make the most sense. 

2. I get potting soil in my coffee and drink it anyway. 

3. The lavender is dying. I re-pot them. We realize that we've been over-watering. It's funny to me how one symptom can have two causes. And how this means that you really must get to know each plant individually to assess its needs. This is why I'm doing this. I want to learn. 

4. The 3 of us make the drive up to Geneva for Atlas Chicken Shack. We drink lemonade and eat fries at a picnic table tucked away in the alley. I'm intrigued by the ivy on the walls and the red and white building. I like it with just the 3 of us sometimes. 

5. Old houses and big trees feel like home. 

6. I finish a few of the details on my website. It feels good to have everything housed under one name. I hope it makes sense. I think it does. I see it all laid out in my mind so clearly. 

7. I think back to the black woman I saw as we were leaving the grocery store. She too had a white husband, a biracial child. I kept looking back at her and I think she may have been looking at me. And I wish I had stopped myself and gotten her number or name or neighborhood. 

8. So many birds. The robins are plentiful here. Always hopping around the yard picking up bugs and worms. 

9. Wine on the front porch. The guy next door is playing the same song over and over again in a language I don't understand and it's amusing and also curious. One song. Four times in a row. 

10. He wants me to come see how bright the moon is. I can't stop staring at it either. 93% gibbous it says. Gibbous: marked by convexity or swelling; seen with more than half but not all of the apparent disk illuminated.