Ten.Three Hundred & Thirteen

1. I love a quiet and stormy morning.

2. The way the clouds are moving and shaping themselves. The chill in the air. The perfect mood for brooding. 

3. Invoking the middle name. 

4. I eat chia seed pudding and drink a flat white with oat milk. I want these glasses for my own home. It's good to sit with her and talk. I miss my friend. 

5. I tell her what I'm going to do because I trust her to hold it for me and to help me stay accountable. Because I've been sitting on so much and I know that if I don't act on this today, I won't do it and I will regret it. 

6. Too much coffee today. 

7. I'm so hungry. I miss meals on the ranch. 

8. Repeating this mantra in my head over and over again: Know what you need. Ask for what you want. Thank you, Hilde.

9. Go deeper, not wider.

10. We talk for 3.5 hours and laugh and laugh and ask big questions and laugh some more.