Ten.Three Hundred & Ten

1. Maybe they need black-out curtains. 

2. The color of the sky: gray but warm. Low and thick clouds moving slowly but still blocking the sun. They did say it might rain. 

3. When the drizzle stops we go buy the plants: rosemary, tomatoes, lavender, sage, oregano, thyme, watermelon, spinach, cilantro, mint, strawberries.

4. Satisfying work. 

5. I worry that maybe we don't have enough soil, but I think about what I know now about root systems from studying a little bit of viticulture. What can't do down will spread out and so maybe we'll be ok. 

6. I try to nap but there are too many voices. 

7. But what's next?

8. I am craving dessert. In fact, I am just craving. For some reason I am particularly hungry today and so he goes out to find an apple pie and a container of ice cream after a cookie recipe goes wrong. Maybe it is a little bit of anxiety creeping in.

9. How come I don't know what to do? I do know what to do. Why don't I trust that I know what to do. I think back to the preferential shapes and how I keep thinking that I need to spend time in building foundations when what I need to work on is relationship and integration.

10. I hear the words and decide that at this moment there is no need for response. Because listening actually doesn't require a response. Besides, nothing good will come from this by talking about it tonight. Best to wait until the morning.