Ten.Three Hundred & Sixteen

1. Slow morning. Sluggish from an abnormally  late night. I haven’t stayed up that late since Fever Dreams. 

2. Ok. I will wash my hair.  

3. Steel cut oats with blueberries, coconut sugar, walnuts, and dried cranberries. Coffee and the laptop in bed.  

4. Clarity from Bella Cirovic’s Intentions by Bella on my neck and wrists because I swear this works—the wearing of your intentions. 

5. A bespoke creative studio. Does it even make sense? I feel like it does.  

6. The slamming of the garage door. Open and shut. Open and shut. Open and shut. The sound of summer and children. 

7. A quick chicken noodle soup for lunch. Almost too quick. The carrots and celery are still al dente. 

8. Sweet potato fries coated in cornmeal before roasting in the oven and served with a smoked paprika aoili. Discoveries like these make me want to bring the newsletter back. 

9. Wakanda forever.  

10. But really I should just work on my confidence.