Ten.Three Hundred & Seventeen

1. Birdsong and feet shuffling.

2. Red lipstick just because I'm finally really liking myself in it.

3. But why are you arguing about going out to eat? Sometimes I think she likes to complain just to complain.

4. Crane.

5. The river is full and gently rolling. The air is thick with humidity but still. 

6. Decaf coffee, hibiscus mimosa, a Belgian waffle with whipped cream and strawberries. I promise her that I will try to find a jar of hibiscus flowers so she can taste how delicate and sweet they are. 

7. I settle back into the bed and fall asleep. Deeply.

8. My gift is a wicker loveseat to set in the open garden space.

9, I take her to the library. How can I not take her to the library when she asks? There are certain things that I will always honor for my children when they ask: a delicious meal, a trip to a museum, a ride to the library. 

10. Again. It's just barely 9 and I can't keep my eyes open.