Ten.Three Hundred & Nineteen

1. Two of them already downstairs making their lunches.

2. The soft light falling onto delicate orchid petals. How come it's taken me so long to have my own orchid? The beauty is breathtaking. 

3. 45 minutes for us to cuddle in the bed before school. One day I'll really miss this.

4. Tuesdays are still my favorite days and I'm already sad that this is our second-to-last day together for this school year. 

5. I know this means that I need to invest in relationships where I currently am. This sounds and feels harder than it probably is. 

6. Afternoon pages on the front porch with sweet potato fries and leftover paprika aioli. Lots of water. I write in between sips and my curious looks at cars coming around the bend.

7. I lover her honesty and openness. I find myself being critical of what I feel is the interviewer's fixation on abuse and then wonder if maybe it's just that listening to it makes me feel uncomfortable. And part of addressing abuse, all kinds of abuse, is to be willing to hear the real stories. I love her even more after listening to her speak on herself and her (he)art.

8. Note to self: Remember to rub the mugwort on the bottoms of your feet tonight.

9. The box arrived. Pasta and chicken sausage and veggies for dinner tonight.

10. We linger at the table in that warm summer light talking about money goals and business goals and I find the conversation both necessary and uncomfortable.