Ten.Three Hundred & Fourteen

1. 6 am grocery store run for butter. Because I finally bought some bread and they just really want toast with butter for breakfast. 

2. The light. The greenness of everything post storm. The flowers and the way the leaves are shaking in the wind. 

3. I try to get a head start and do the mirrors and wipe down the sinks.

4. Sometimes you do like to stroll through IKEA. Alone. Just to gather a few ideas.

5. Over lunch I tell him about my next idea. He likes it but wonders if I should just keep at what I've got going now. I haven't yet maxed out the full potential of what I'm doing.

6. Journaling on the back stoop in the sun. There's this tiny bird with a cream-colored belly that keeps circling and singing and it makes me wish I could identify birdsong. 

7. His point is that I need to go deeper and not wider. 

8. I think that big changes actually can be easy when you're making them in order to be in alignment with your higher self. 

9. I either need to decide that I'm going to commit to it, or just shave it off. 

10. Non-dairy peanut butter and chocolate popsicle before bed.