Ten.Three Hundred & Five

1. It is late. So much later than I meant to wake up. But my body is telling me that I needed it. And that there is time for me to rest. 

2. A large glass of water. No appetite yet. I know that I am hungry for things I don't yet have. 

3. I decide on a simple dinner menu to get us through the rest of the week: spaghetti and sauce with veggies and focaccia, roasted chicken and baked potatoes with brussel sprouts, a stirfry in rice noodles like we had at the ranch.

4. This feeling that if I don't start acting today on the lessons I collected at the ranch, that I never will. 

5. I make a mug of tea and put on my shoes because I remember now just how badly my body wants to move. 

6. Trees in bloom. 

7. The heron, so still with its long orange beak and blue-gray body. 

8. Heron. I pulled two cards that day, each one mentioning the heron. 

9. I keep closing my eyes at the dinner table. 

10. Can't stop thinking about all of them.