Ten.Three Hundred & Fifteen

1. Moody skies and cooler temperatures. It feels a little shocking after so many days of warmth and sun.  

2. The sound of dough moving on the cutting board. The feeling of soft blueberry pressed against my hand.   

3. Meal planning and list making. Trying to make this process as joyful as possible but sometimes it’s just not.

4. I should really wash my hair. 

5. White Orchid: reverence and humility, innocence and purity, and elegance and beauty.

6. I’ve entered into a pink phase. The desert kind of pink that is soft and muted and delicate.

7. Geese and little baby geese in the waters. Earlier I saw the heron in flight, it’s body so slim and sleek in the air. 

8. Trust in the divine timing of things.  

9. I want to find a name that can capture all that it is but nothing is coming to me. 

10. Eight courses, 2 bottles of wine, a glass of sake, and one french press of decaf at Entente. Sublime. One of my favorite meals in a long time.