Ten.Three Hundred & Eighteen

1. Sky so dark it still looks like night.

2. Tree tops bending in the wind. Flashes of lightning but no thunder. 

3. Too much time before they leave. And yet sometimes it’s not enough.  

4. Tea and conversation with her where dreams spill out into reality and I have zero doubt and maybe only a few small questions that really seem kind of insignificant.  

5. And this is the kind of partnership and collaboration that feels so natural and full of ease that you have to pinch yourself because you’re just too freakin’ excited and giddy with gratitude.  

6. Raen Pinot Noir and a turkey burger with fries.  

7.  Blue-grey sky moving in. So ready fo the next round of storms. I’ve always loved the way Thunder makes you feel small. 

8. Ancestors. Roots. Return to the Earth. Trust my own process. Fractals and integration. Tonight is the new moon? 

9. Having to have a back up to the back up plan for dinner because you didn't think about travel time for your Brandless box and didn't buy enough protein on your shopping trip. So dinner is almost an hour late but it's good and so it's all ok. 

10. But it still doesn't feel right and I have to trust that this is my gut talking not fear. How do I take that feeling from Fever Dreams—that feeling of "oh my goodness, it IS possible to be surrounded by beauty and by beautiful soul-full women and work and earn money"—to non-retreat kinds of work? Like, what does that look like in reality? 

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