Ten.Three Hundred & Eight

1. He's always asking for something. I could learn to be more bold in my ask. 

2. But I also want to pull away from all of this. 

3. The old man is there today. Still in his blue sneakers but not as cheery as usual.

4. I unload all the bags and decide there is tie for a bike ride. In go headphones—Maroon 5, Songs About Jane—and on the bike I go. 

5. So many dandelions. And on my way back home, the Heron.  

6. I start to draw up the garden bed arrangement. I’m afraid I’m being too ambitious but decide that I said this is what I wanted to do and so I’m going to do it.  

7. There is so much space and I intend to take it up.  

8. He says that we really do need to move. That my brightness is so tied to the sun. And this is the version of me he likes best. The one that dances and sings in the kitchen.  

9. Sparkling Rosé of Malbec.  

10. Body is so tired. But the good kind of tired. There is more work to be done.