Ten.Three Hundred & Twenty-Two

1. She’s sitting there eating toast in her robe and glasses and at this moment she seems way older than 8. “I woke up at 5:40. I already made my lunch.” 

2. I light palo santo and take a deep breath. This is my new favorite ritual. In the old house I was always lighting incense.  

3. The prayer flags from India she sent me are glowing in the soft white light of morning. 

4. I write my meal plan and grocery list in the car while I wait for the health foods store to open. I probably could have just ordered tahini from Amazon.  

5. This is my last child-free Friday. 

6. Pinot Bianco from Slovenia. Beet salad and calamari. A semolina cake with coconut cream and coconut sorbet.  

7. I kind of hate this part where he introduces me to all of his co-workers. I mean, it’s great but I sometimes don’t like it. I’d sometimes rather be anonymous. What did Amanda say in the book? I like being seen but I don’t like being looked at. 

8. The book store name is rather pedestrian but I’m amazed by the selection. I find two books, a dollar each, and then a set of flash cards for the kids for $5. The younger two will dig them.  

9. I write her a letter in the pick-up line while the rain falls.  

10. Bath tea. The nettles turned the water the softest shade of green. 

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