Ten.Two Hundred & Seventy-Nine

1. Up before the alarm. 

2. I hear feet on the stairs as I begin to add the flour. He's up early again, too early, but I let him make his lunch. 

3. No one is eating the muffins. They are going for the frozen waffles instead. I think maybe it just means we need a break from the muffins. But I don't mind. It means I get 40 minutes of my morning back.

4. Still hunting down poetry.

5. I want to fix my basement workspace but there is no time today. Too many phone calls that require me to be tethered. So I'm on the floor of my bedroom tucked between the two corners where I get the best light. 

6. Less than 3 weeks until Fever Dreams.

7. This particular call feels serendipitous. I need the stretch. It's what I asked for. 

8. Sometimes things just happen the right way and you say "yes." I need to get back to saying "yes." I would thrust out my "no" too quickly and closed myself off to opportunities. But now, I feel safe enough to be open again. 

9. They gobble up the orzo tossed with the pan juices. 

10. What would I change if I could go back? Does it even do any good to ponder such a question? No. I should be thinking, What kind of future do I want to create?