Ten.Two Hundred & Seventy-Five

1. It's too cold to be outside this morning and so I get up early to set the eggs around the house, trying my best to not wake the children with that rattle sound of the jelly-bean-filled eggs. 

2. I should probably prep the cake. We have a late harvest Mouvedre that we should drink. It's begging for Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Icing. 

3. The book is still so full and and bright white against the soft, pale blue sky.

4. The robin and I stare at one another through the window before it takes off. I'm half hoping it's nesting somewhere on or near my house so that maybe I might stumble upon a nest or those beautiful blue eggs. 

5. It's been a year in this house. One year. Time goes by so quickly.

6. I ask them to please just let me drink this last cup of coffee slowly. It will be the last time I get to sit down for today. 

7. First the bread dough. Then the cake. Then the potatoes. Then the frosting. Then back to bread. Then frost the cake. 

8. I've fed him this cake before but I think back to the words of Thomas Keller I read in the Ad Hoc at Home cookbook where he says that one of the ways to improve as a cook is to make the same recipe over and over and over, perfecting as you go along. 

9. I am unpracticed at so many things. 

10. Burgundy, Beaujolais, Muscadet.