Ten.Two Hundred & Ninety-Two

1. Clouds that look like mountains. 

2. Birdsong.

3. Bacon and maybe eggs and toast made in the oven because the toaster is broken. 

4. Today is for cleaning. For meeting her for lunch. For more cleaning. I need to get the wine off the wall. 

5. This is how I show care. 

6. The two of us sitting in the cafe, talking about living as a black woman, making friends as an adult black woman, wondering how we find other black women that are here, where we are, staying home and doing what we're doing while living in predominantly white spaces. How it can feel isolating. But at least we now know one another. 

7. I grab 6 pre-made tiramisus and two bunches of orange and yellow ranunculus.

8. Everything feels tight. 

9. This is all lesson in remembering to always honor the boundaries and to never allow for exceptions. That I do my best work when the container is solid and less permeable. 

10. We watch the snow begin to fall, covering the grass and parts of the sidewalk. It's so pretty you almost forget to be mad about it.