Ten.Two Hundred & Ninety-Six

1. Slept in just long enough for it to feel good but not like my day has run away from me. 

2. Coffee. Fruit Loops with flax milk. I think I like flax milk. 

3. This corner of the gray linen sofa and the view from the window across from it. I see that the goose is back. He seems to travel alone and has made the wetlands behind the house his home. 

4. On the way in I listen to the On Being episode with angel Kyoto williams and remember that I have half-read her book, Radical Dharma. 

5. The shop is basically me boxed into 4 walls: white, green plants, heavy paper stock, Factured Goods brass spoons, succulents in tiny pots, and all the flowers. 

6. My nerves quickly dissipate. 

7. I layer eucalyptus and roses and some other plants that I can't yet name and wrap them in brown craft paper, tie them with a string. The brightness and slight sweetness of the flowery gin cocktail. 

8. The drive home is not too long, but just long enough to tire me.

9. I leave in only 2 sleeps. 

10. I needed a day like to day with so much alone time, with the sun, with flowers, with women and light chatter, with being present, with so much feeling like myself.