Ten.Two Hundred & Ninety-Seven

1. The colors of this morning's sky: peach and lavender and lemon and sky blue. I'm reminded of rainbow sherbet.

2. The blooms from yesterday's floral workshop are so fragrant. I think it might just be the eucalyptus.

3. Waffles toasted in the oven and bacon and coffee. I sit next to the big kid at the island. 

4. She’s pouting again because there isn’t any prosciutto.  

5. Meal plan + grocery list + grocery shopping + last minute supplies + sunshine + getting to talk to the woman at Michael’s about the retreat.  

6. That feeling of almost being knocked over from gratitude.  

7. Thought we were out of ink. Turned out we’re out of paper.  

8. But the goal is to be in bed before 11 so that I’m not too tired on the plane.  

9. He tells me that he’s excited for me and that we’re going to have fun and it feels good and affirming to be seen and loved.

10. Travel jitters.