Ten.Two Hundred & Ninety-Eight

1. 3 a.m. wake up because I just need to know that everything is ready. 

2. My Lyft driver is early. I dash upstairs in the dark to kiss all the cheeks.

3. The birds are so loud.  

4. He thinks my suitcases are full of clothes and shoes like a typical woman.  

5. I misplace my license at the baggage counter and freak out for just a moment.  

6. I’m glad my friend and I picked the same flight by accident. We share 4 seats between us and chat a little, sleep a little, write a little. 

7. The three of us together navigating San Francisco. Parking and food plus art supplies. 

8. The fanciest hotel. We clearly don’t belong here but we have our wine. 

9. The sun. The sun. The sun. And the green and the water and these big hill and this feels like home.  

10. Steak Frites and 2013 Idell Family Oscar Syrah and a chocolate trifle and a blueberry lemon cake.