Ten.Two Hundred & Ninety

1. Not good sleep. Dreams too active. 

2. I can tell from the light in the sky that there is snow on the ground—not much, but just enough.

3. One is upset because there is no salami and the other is upset because there is no prosciutto. Neither are satisfied by the turkey and ham that's still here and proceed to make their lunches with a frown. 

4. This is not a good way to start the morning. "You make great potatoes," the little one says and that makes up for everything. 

5. I drive almost 40 minutes to get there but it's so hard to find a doctor you like. We order up blood works, she tells me to start walking again and that she likes my philosophies on parenting and the news. 

6. I sometimes think I'm going to fall asleep while I sit here in the car. Maybe it's because this is the one part of the day where I really take a moment to stop. 

7. This time she's created scholarships for HBCUs. 

8. I'm looking forward to a long summer in New Orleans where the burden of otherness is lifted for just a little while. 

9. The fullness of this week. 

10. Sometimes you just follow the signs.