Ten.Two Hundred & Eighty-Three

1. Something about the early morning sky doesn't look quite right and then I remember that the glow must be from snow that's fallen overnight. 

2. The lawns are blanketed in snow and the streets are wet and this Monday morning feels soft.

3. I've forgotten to buy coffee again and so I'm settling for a cappuccino but it's not enough to keep the headache at bay. 

4. Must drink more water. 

5. We catch up on life for just a bit before we decide to get to work. Two weeks. Only two weeks. 

6. The sleet continues. And I'm not even mad about it because it's Chicago and it's April and we all know good and well that it could snow in April, maybe even in May. I try to keep my eyes on the green. 

7. Three mallards at the edge of yard, one female sandwiched between two males. We watch them waddle before they take flight.

8. Poetry in the pick-up lane. I read it over and over again and hear her voice in my head. I am listening. 

9. I convince them one by one that they will like the squash. It's just like sweet potato, I say. Anything will taste good with bacon and onions. 

10. The homework assignment is to write a poem with your family and this is my most favorite homework assignment. This one is going on the chalkboard wall.