Ten.Two Hundred & Eighty-Six

1. I make scones per her request. Just a basic scone, sprinkled with sugar. 

2. I 've lost track of time and start my coffee late. This happens when all three of them arrive at the island at the same time and there is to much talking and a lot of me being interrupted mid-process.

3. Interruptions. They will all be gone again today and I will have time for just  myself. 

4. The sun. And the warmth. Finally, a real taste of spring. 

5. The white woman with the dreadlocks and glasses who never says hi to me when I come into the store. She welcomes everyone else who enters the store except me. I find it irritating and amusing the pieces of culture one chooses not to accept. I will probably never shop here again even though the other owners of this shop are friendly. But surely, there are other places for me to go.

6. And this is what I mean by feeling lonely.

7. I push out the thoughts. 

8. Roasted tomatoes and garlic and pasta and focaccia. We lick the bowls clean and eat a few extra pieces of bread as the sun slips away. 

9. She's helping me take out my braids. I think of how black this is—the doing one another's hair thing. How intimate of a practice it is. How I wish I was better at it. 

10. I watch two more episodes of Versailles as I removed the rest of the braids. I will dream in French.