Ten.Two Hundred & Eighty-Seven

1. The grayness is hanging around this morning. There should be rain today. 

2. Three cups in the ceramic blue mug before leaving for the grocery store. I'm leaving later than usual and know that I will miss the little old man.

3. Goddess braids. That sounds and feels right.

4. I seem to have lost track of the day. This happens sometimes when there is much to do. I think it might also be a symptom of a lack of presence. How do we lose time? By losing ourselves?

5. She helps me go through the cookbooks to figure out what to make for tonight's dessert. We go through what's on the rack and then she spots Bouchon Bakery. 

6. A simple chocolate chip cookie seems like the way to go. I have her read the recipe and then we gather the ingredients, get bowls. I tell her that we're going to practice mise en place and then I read to her the ingredients again and the amounts and we talk about fractions and how many scoop are needed to make 2/3. 

7. I have forgotten to buy a present. I really am the worst at these kinds of things. One day I will be better. 

8. Wine and laughter and chicken and salad and wine and more laughter. Gratitude at the table and the counter and the sofa. 

9. And then suddenly it's midnight and you almost wish you could stay longer. 

10. The kids go straight to their rooms, crawl into bed with their clothes still on. I open a window to let in the chill. There is almost no sound.