Ten.Two Hundred & Eighty-One

1. The youngest one is laying on the floor, illuminated by the glow of the television screen. 

2. The arrival of light. 

3. We arrive and no one is there. I am frustrated but let it go. It's sunny, we're out together as a family, I'll find another $20 table.

4. Black Panther.

5. Why has it taken so long to have a movie that is full of whole characters - strong characters?

6. He helps me pick a bottle of Domaine Giacometti. A Patrimonio from Corsica. Something I've never had before.

7. I have yet to put a poem up on the chalkboard wall. I've been waiting for the very right one to find its way to me.

8. The relief that comes from knowing you now have access to better tools.

9. While limitations can often set the conditions for greater creativity, better tools allow for efficiency. And sometimes it's efficiency that matters most. 

10. If images and words are what shape my reality, then what visions am I holding close? Whose words and what voice am I in communion with? What am I making and speaking into creation?