Ten.Two Hundred & Eighty-One

1. 2.24 am and he sidles up next to me in the bed. 

2. 5:20 am the alarm goes off and I press him flat against the bed in order to turn it off. Then decide to just roll over him and wake up. There is much to do today. 

3. Beneath the navy are even strips of orange and yellow and red. This means there will be sun. 

4. She tells me that the onions are not caramelized enough. I've created a foodie monster.

5. He says that there's no way to use the plywood. Not for this kind of project. Which means I am on the search for something else. And I've wasted $25.

6. It still surprises me to see someone smoking in a car with the windows rolled up. I try not to stare. But I can't help but judge. I'm working on it. 

7. I go to three different thrift stores and find nothing but a globe. Everyone is excited about the globe. I am still desk-less. 

8. Back in the old neighborhood. I don't miss the downtown on weekends but I do miss being able to walk to people and things when I wanted to. I miss my long morning walks on tree-covered sidewalks. 

9. The smell of tomatoes and garlic roasting. These I will take down the street for a recipe-sharing-ladie's-night thing. 

10. I'm still trying to figure out where and how I belong here. Three months ago I had thought I was going to be leaving again but now I'm here. And I want to be here. How do I stay?