Ten.Two Hundred & Eighty-Four

1. I should really figure out what star or planet that is. I love when I see it twinkling in the dark morning sky. 

2. At the end of the dream I watched a fish being caught. Not just any fish, but a big fish—the kind they catch on the big boats out on in the sea and I said to myself, "maybe it's time to become a vegetarian."

3. I offer to make him bacon so he can have a BLT for lunch. 

4. I take a bite of the bacon and wonder what it would be like if I did become a vegetarian. Really, what would it be like if I made a lot more new and hard choices based on the information I already know. 

5. Tuesdays. It feels like forever since we've sat together but it's only been a week. 

6. The hours are dripping. 

7. I have just enough time to eat last night's leftovers, fold a few baskets of laundry and watch one episode of Versailles.

8. Boys and baseballs. 

9. Because some days you just need it to be easy there are tacos on Tuesdays. 

10. I text her to say that I am feeling called toward work that is not the work I'm doing now. What shape does it take? How do I make it possible? How I do I make it so that the ones who need it most can have it?