Ten.Two Hundred & Eighty-Eight

1. Sleeping in but only just a little. 

2. The winds are furious this morning, the sky is dark. Conditions are perfect for coffee and books in bed. 

3. Donuts while I make a PDF of rules for electronics usage. These are good rules for myself as well. I'm always struggling with how to be present but not too present. How to use technology with intention and restraint, for real connection and inspiration, and not as a tool distraction.

4. I suggest that we go to the library. Both of us need new books. I get some more Octavia Butler, a book on lucid dreaming, and a few books on photography. She finds 3 novels for herself to read. In the book sale section we grab a cookbook of only desserts and an illustrated copy of Alice in Wonderland. 

5. I flip open the book on Francesca Woodman and then find myself engulfed in the book for an hour examining her self-portraits and an essay on her life and her work. I am thinking many thoughts about conception and performance and youth and potential and what kind of conditions create the container for art.

6. Work.

7. The onions make me cry but the smell of them with the mushrooms and the garlic and the seasoning, then with the tomatoes and the wine.

8. "What would happen if the earth got sucked into a black hole?"

9. I think of how much I also used to like space. I am a lover of mysteries: space, the supernatural, the abandoned and the unimagined. 

10. Oneironaut - A person who explores dream worlds.