Ten.Three Hundred & One

1. Turkey? Yes, turkey I think.  

2. The upside is that I get to hear all of the first sounds of the world waking and here it sounds unlike anything else at home. 

3. Everything here is so fragrant. I’m trying to know the names of what I see and touch.

4. Praying for my life. 

5. And this is just and experiment, an exercise in learning how to let go and stay in beginner’s mind.  

6. Of course I would find my water bottle after I’ve already bought another one.  

7. The sun, the sun, the sun.

8. All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you. I keep the light on the crown.  

9. The hills and the oaks and the olive trees. Gravel, baby ducks, the formation of clusters on the vine.  

10. There are so many things to say. I’ve forgotten to take notes like Dyana told me to. I’m just going to have to trust myself to remember.