Ten.Three Hundred and Two

1. More poetry taped to doors and gifts placed on seats. I can’t stop smelling the Pali santo. 

2. How is this really the last day? I’m not ready to go yet. 

3. The sunrise this morning. How after last night’s rain the golden light makes everything look so lush and rich in color.  

4. Still waiting for coffee.  

5. This life.  

6. All of the cards keep saying the same thing: It’s time to choose. If you want to continue on this path or transformation and growth, just do the hard thing.  

7. So many smiles and so much laughter.

8. Hot coffee spilling over the sides. Everything here is spilling over: the jasmine, the clematis, the water, my heart.  

9. Driving up Grove Street, alone in the van in complete silence, only in the presence of myself and the high rolling hills, feeling that “yes, this is Home. Yes. This is Home.” 

10. Whole.