Ten.Two Hundred & Sixty-Two

1. Go and look at the sky. It's so pretty this morning. I realize that much of what strikes me with wonder is held so close. But I want them to know. I want them to also wonder. We'll begin with the colors of this morning's sky. 

2. Hot coffee in my hand. I'm partial to the indigo ceramic cups with the oblong mouths and no handles. 

3. This movie is painful and beautiful and honest. I don't watch very many movies but this one was worth it. What are we living for? Where is the balance between fantastical ideals and healthy reality? When does it go too far? What's the purpose of formal education in its current incarnation? How hard do we fight for our beliefs?

4. The two geese. Where is the nest?

5. A thin gray garbage bag inflated by the wind.

6. Dinner tonight is easy. Asparagus, rice, salmon. As he cooks, the sunlight makes large rectangles on the countertops and floors. Classical music plays in the background. The harpsichord is so sharp and halting.

7. The robins are back there again, pecking at the ground. What do you call a group of robins? A round.

8. "To eat black-eyed peas is to become filled with beauty, and ancestral tradition." - The Cooking Gene

9. "We have to tend to our own healing,  not just work at assuaging the tensions born of slavery's racially divisive nature." - The Cooking Gene

10. And then I am back in the web, trying to connect dates and names and places that I know but also don't know. Aware of the sad truth that now there is no one to ask. There is no one able to fill in the gaps. If I want to do this (why do I want to do this?) I will have to do it mostly alone. I tell myself that I need to ask him how to make okra soup.