Ten.Two Hundred & Sixty-Nine

1. I see a bright star, or maybe it's a planet, through the window and watch it twinkle. Bright white against a navy sky. 

2. There is no breakfast for me to make this morning but I want the extra time to plan out this morning's activity. The plan is to start some seeds today.

3. The whirring of the coffee grinder. I'm always afraid I'll wake someone up.

4. Last night he told me that I should write more poetry. I should. I mean that I want to. That I mean to study it and understand it so that my own way of writing is enriched. Because maybe I Ill believe that I'm a poet after all.

5. Annie Leibovitz Masterclass while I wait for everyone else to wake. Then I give him back his office so that he can meditate.

6. We purchase seeds: sunflowers, corn, okra, sweet peas, spinach, two types of lettuce, three types of tomatoes, some type of flower I've never seen before, dill, chives, and lavender. This feels like more than I can take on but I think we will do good. More herbs and perhaps some peppers will be added later. 

7. Because we're staying.

8. I need a better plan though. A real plan. Not just, I'm going to plant these things and see what happens. Because, ultimately, I do want to see the fruit of my labor.

9. We decide that I should probably start making my own pasta. If I can make bread, then surely I can make pasta. 

10. We sit back into the sofa, fireplace one, stems pinched between fingers, watching them read quietly from the same book while eating coconut cream popsicles. We wonder if it really could get much better than this.